Welcome to Challenge Capital

We are a team of experienced, pragmatic and constructive individuals. Like most organisations providing Corporate Finance, M&A or Turnaround we have both experience and a track record of success. Unlike many, we also have first hand knowledge of what happens in between those transactions – running the business!

This means that we know how difficult and lonely it can be in the leadership roles and unlike many of our peers we are prepared to roll our sleeves up and sit alongside you in a non-executive or executive role if that is what is needed. We are used to dealing with difficult or sensitive situations and can react quickly when necessary. We can get the heart of an issue quickly and we speak plain English, so you will find it easy to work with us.

Our business sits in the following key areas;

Challenge Advisory

We have experience in leading M&A and fundraising transactions, in business transformation and in restructuring. We are result orientated which means that rather than getting lost in the process we can think outside the box and find solutions that work.

Challenge Capital Ventures

This part of our business is operated through Challenge Capital Ventures Limited and relates to those projects where we take a more active role in the operation of a business. This can range from light touch support in a Non-Executive capacity through to more hands on executive or outsourced roles.